[CentOS] Building CentOS 6.2 custom install media

Fri Feb 3 16:30:46 UTC 2012
Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org>


For the OLPC school server ("XS") we are planning to move from our
dated F9 setup to CentOS 6.2. Thanks for all the effort involved in
producing this distro.

One important part of this project is a 'respin' of the install media
- we need to add a handful of packages from external repositories, and
maybe run a command late in the install.

Are the scripts/configurations used to produce the CentOS official
CD/DVDs available? I guess this would be our most reliable/sensible
starting point.

I am familiar with pungi, kickstart, anaconda, etc, so just a simple
git link would be enough to get me started.