[CentOS] looking for lxc rpm for centos 6.2 x86_64

Mon Feb 6 11:48:29 UTC 2012
Mihamina Rakotomandimby <mihamina at rktmb.org>

Hi all

Just on a fresh CentOS 6.2 minimal install, it doesnt find lxc:
   [mihamina at dev-spare ~]$ sudo yum install lxc
   No package lxc available.
   Error: Nothing to do
   [mihamina at dev-spare ~]$ yum provides lxc-create
   No Matches found

Well, I think this is not really a problem: there probably is a personal 
packager that made his own lxc package and some people in here trust :-)

Which one would you recommend?
- http://goo.gl/8UXGh: MMmmm not rpm, just binaries...
- ... what else?