[CentOS] e2fsprogs 1.42 EXT4 > 16TB RAID

Fri Feb 24 11:06:50 UTC 2012
Steve Brooks <steveb at mcs.st-and.ac.uk>

Hi All,

I was thinking of using ext4 on a new raid system of 20TB. I had read the 
article (halfway done the page) titled "Linux File System Fsck Testing -- 
The Results Are In"


They used CentOS 5.7 (2.6.18-274 kernel) and they state

"The stock configuration was used throughput the testing except for one 
component. The e2fsprogs package was upgraded to version 1.42, enabling 
ext4 file systems larger than 16TB to be created."

I have looked for an "el6" version of "e2fsprogs 1.42" with no joy. Any 
ideas anyone?