[CentOS] Shrew Soft VPN Client for CentOS 6

Fri Feb 24 17:45:50 UTC 2012
dave at davenjudy.org <dave at davenjudy.org>

Hi All -

Where I work uses the Shrew Soft VPN client to access remote resources.  I
have found pre-built rpms for EL5, various versions of Fedora, and
appropriate packages for non-rpm based distros but no rpm for EL6.  I have
downloaded the source from Shrew Soft and built "my own" which built and
installed with no errors but then didn't work.  I'm finally taking the
lack of pre-built rpms for EL6 as a clue that there is some sort of
inherent problem getting this VPN client working under EL6.  Is there a
problem with Shrew Soft and EL6?  If so, are there any work-arounds?

Background: I also have the Shrew Soft VPN client (rpm installed) for FC16
running on my FC16 box on the same network as my EL6 box so I have a known
working configuration and know that there are no firewall issues.  This
same configuration and user connects under EL6 (confirmed on the VPN
server) but is unusable (e.g., I can't ping known systems).