[CentOS] sa-update error with perl

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Wed Jan 4 21:58:10 UTC 2012

On 01/04/2012 10:29 PM, email builder wrote:
>>>>>    The only hints I can find seem to suggest to remove
>>>>>    perl-IO-Socket-INET6, but trying to do so using yum (I don't
>>>>>    want to start using another method of package management)
>>>>>    tells me that spamassassin is a dependency and will also be
>>>>>    removed - obviously undesirable.
>>>>   If you really want to remove it, use rpm instead.
>>>>   rpm -e --nodeps perl-IO-Socket-INET6
>>>>   But it will annoy you at every update...
>>>   That was my fear...   I'm wondering why this crept up again,
>>>   since all my packages are completely up to date according
>>>   to yum.
>> yum only does what we tell it to do.
> I told it to update all my packages.  :-)
>> It is possible that you have a package installed that is not from the
>> CentOS repos, etc.
>> If people add external repositories, it is very easy to get conflicts.
> I do have rpmforge as a repo in order to get a thing or two that
> CentOS does not offer.  How can I diagnose if this is the problem?
> Here's a list of perl packages according to rpm -qa ---- are the ".rf"
> ones from rpmforge?  I think most of those are requirements for the
> amavisd-new package.

.rf? is from RepoForge (ex-RPMForge).

You might need to use priorities and set RepoForge lower then SA repo. 
maybe you will need to downgrade few packages.

There is "Perl package problems" thread on this list from ~20 days ago. 
Read it for more info.


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