[CentOS] vmware player CentOS 6 2-button 3-button touch pad with pointing device Lenovo ThinkPad

Igor Furlan igor.furlan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 07:36:53 UTC 2012

Hi All,


What (how, where) I need to set (configure) to make 'middle' button on
the touch pad acting as a '__paste__' button  when I run LINUX (CentOS
6.2) as guest on MS Windows 7 Home premium ?


LENOVO T520 laptop
touch pad with 3 buttons
pointing device (red small mushroom) between GHB keys
vmware host: MS Windows 7 Home Premium edition 64-bit
vmware guest: CentoOS 6.2 64-bit
vmware player version: 4.01

As you all know, on UNIX/LINUX the copy/paste function works slightly
different than on MS Windows-ware.

When one would like to copy&paste a text, he/she needs to do:

A) press left button and move the cursor to highlight the text of interest,
B) release left button and finally
C) paste the contents of buffer(clipboard)  with click on the middle button.

Unfortunately, this function does not work on CentoOS 6 as a  guest OS
running on vmware player on WIN 7.
 In order for me to do the copy/paste, I need to
A) highlight the text,
B) click on right button and select 'copy' to move the  highlighted
text into the buffer(clipboard),
C) move the cursor to the destination position,
D) click the right button again and select the 'paste' function.

In other words, 'copy&paste' on CentOS 6.2 works like 'copy&paste' on

Is there a way to revert the 'copy&paste' functionality back to the
traditional UNIX way of doing it,
highlight the text with left mouse/touchpad button and paste it with
the middle mouse/touchpad button.

Any hint | solution | RTFM pointer | advice is more than welcome

Thanks in advance


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