[CentOS] sa-update error with perl

email builder emailbuilder88 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 00:13:34 UTC 2012

>>  Why?  Just remove that package and install the one from CentOS.

>>  Spamassassin doesn't need to be touched.
> Seems to me that you are still using the mix of repos. Packages from RF
> work fine.

Well, kind of.  If you review this thread, you'll see that the the fix was to
stop using the RepoForge package for perl-NetAddr-IP so that it wasn't
mixed with CentOS packages for perl-Net-DNS and perl-IO-Socket-INET6.

Maybe your position is that you won't fix perl-NetAddr-IP because you only
support it when used when all other packages are from RepoForge, but I
don't think that's realistic at all - everyone running CentOS will have mostly
CentOS packages - naturally.  They'll pick up some others they want or
need for various reasons from RepoForge, so I'd imagine you'll see mixing
of packages quite often amongst people who add RepoForge to their yum
systems.  Therefore, I'd have thought you'd be interested to learn of an
incompatibility in one of the RepoForge packages.

> root at specs2:1280:279:/$ rpm -q spamassassin perl-IO-Socket-INET6
> perl-Net-DNS perl-NetAddr-IP| sort
> perl-IO-Socket-INET6-2.57-2.el5.rfx
> perl-NetAddr-IP-4.044-1.el5.rf
> perl-Net-DNS-0.66-1.el5.rfx
> spamassassin-3.3.2-2.el5.rfx

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