[CentOS] Building REDHAT Desktop Virtualization Solution With Centos

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Jan 11 11:53:57 UTC 2012

On 01/11/2012 05:11 AM, Arif Tuhin wrote:
> Redhat offers a desktop virtualization solution using "kvm,qemu,libvirt and spice" which is directed at centralized server hosting virtual desktops and thin clients connecting to it.
> All the relevant software are open source. So it should be possible to achieve the same feat with CentOS. Anyone know any complete tutorial regarding this? 
> I've found separate tutorials regarding spice, kvm etc. But a complete tutorial describing how to emulate the "Redhat virtualization for Desktops" will be very handy.

If you are talking about the RHEV product line, not all of it is open
source yet (at least not in the versions for the currently released RHEV
line).  What is specifically not yet available and/or opensource are all
the jboss and maven2 requirements ... at least not the versions that are
in RHEV.  We are looking into the RHEV packages, and I hear that they
plan to release an upgraded version with more of the enterprise package
sources available by 2nd quarter 2012.

If you want to try early adoption things then this might be for you:

If you are only looking for the things that you listed
(kvm,qemu,libvirt,spice) those are all in 6.2 right now.

But, to answer your question (if it is about RHEV) ... if and when the
sources for the enterprise tools of RHEV-H and RHEV-M become available
in a ready to build way ... then yes will the CentOS project build them.

Here are some other good sources of info on this subject:



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