[CentOS] sa-update error with perl

Nicolas Thierry-Mieg Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr
Wed Jan 11 13:25:43 UTC 2012

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 01/11/2012 04:42 AM, David Hrbáč wrote:
>> Dne 11.1.2012 1:13, email builder napsal(a):
>>> Well, kind of.  If you review this thread, you'll see that the the fix
>>> was to stop using the RepoForge package for perl-NetAddr-IP so that it
>>> wasn't mixed with CentOS packages for perl-Net-DNS and
>>> perl-IO-Socket-INET6. Maybe your position is that you won't fix
>>> perl-NetAddr-IP because you only support it when used when all other
>>> packages are from RepoForge, but I don't think that's realistic at all
>>> - everyone running CentOS will have mostly CentOS packages -
>>> naturally.  They'll pick up some others they want or need for various
>>> reasons from RepoForge, so I'd imagine you'll see mixing of packages
>>> quite often amongst people who add RepoForge to their yum systems.
>>> Therefore, I'd have thought you'd be interested to learn of an
>>> incompatibility in one of the RepoForge packages.
>> Well,
>> I will definitely not fix it. Most of users does not pick up the
>> particular packages but enables the repo entity. Basically it would be
>> really hard to support both scenarios. I consider packages you mention
>> as a whole email stack provided by RF. The stack includes:
>> amavisd-new
>> spamassassin
>> dependent perl-\*
>> dependent file de-compressors
>> Regards,
>> DH
> I agree with David here ...
> repoforge has moved all packages that replace CentOS base packages to
> their rfx (repoforge extras) repository.

the problem in this case is that perl-NetAddr-IP from repoforge should 
be in RFX, but it isn't.
But it's really for historical reasons: perl-NetAddr-IP was only added 
to base in 5.7. So now that it's in base it has to move from rf to rfx, 
and it just hasn't done so yet.
But the move from rf to rfx doesn't fundamentally change things, there's 
no magic solution here: in any case, if a user had the RF 
perl-NetAddr-IP installed prior to 5.7 (perfectly legitimate), and 
decides to install spamassassin today (pulling it from base since it's 
there, this is legit and standard practice as well), s/he will have the 
OP's issue. Having the package tagged RFX will simply make it easier to 
identify the problem.

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