[CentOS] Dedicated Firewall/Router

Jason T. Slack-Moehrle slackmoehrle at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 00:11:26 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I want to build a dedicated firewall/router as I am launching a NPO and I can host this in my garage. (Comcast offered me a 100 x 20 circuit for $99/mo with 5 statics)

I used to run Untangle, but as of version 9, you are forced to use their build in protocol policies versus the firewalling I am used to (Deny All and then opening holes for specific IP's, etc).

There are so many firewall distros to choose from. FireStarter, IPCOP, etc.

The box I was going to use is a P4, 3GB RAM, 3 GB NICS.

I could always use a beefier box also if there was really a need to for such a task. 

I am used to some Cisco PIX boxes and they just seem fast on hardly any specs. I had a PIX 525 that only had 256mb of RAM about 8 years ago and it was a rockstar.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions are welcome as to what to do!


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