[CentOS] Setting From address for cronjob mails (because Gmail rejects)

Alexander Farber alexander.farber at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 08:57:47 UTC 2012


thank you for your reply.

I'd like to provide 2 quick additional details before trying your suggestions:

1) If I add a from address at the command line, then mail is delivered ok:

      $ mail Alеxander.Farber at gmail.com -r wеbmaster at prеferans.de

   But if I just run

      $ mail Аlеxander.Farber at gmail.com

  then it is rejected by Gmail.

  So I could append "| mail -r wеbmaster at preferans.de"
  to all my cronjobs, but I'm looking for better solution

2) My ISP (hetzner.de) doesn't provide mail relaying at all.


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