[CentOS] Machine becoming irresponsive

Patrick Lists centos-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 23 15:46:03 UTC 2012

On 23-01-12 16:13, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Thanks. There are a lot of very specific software on that server that
> precludes it from being updated. I believe that 5.2 still is seeing
> security updates, no?

5.2 does not get security updates. My guess is your box has been 
compromised. Boot the box with a live CD/DVD and get an image of the 
harddisk(s) so you can analyze what happened to it.

> In any case, a complete reinstall with either 5.2 or a latter version
> is pretty much out of the question for now, though I will try to see
> what needs to be done in that direction. In the meantime, where should
> I concentrate my efforts?

There is no other option than to reinstall the box with 5.7 (or whatever 
the latest is) and *always* update the box. I would also throw out that 
"specific software". Vendors who force you to stay with a version of an 
OS that no longer gets security updates should be avoided at all cost.


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