[CentOS] upstart question

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Wed Jan 25 13:08:34 UTC 2012

I am trying to migrate from old /etc/inittab to upstart.
I am close.

I used to have 2 or 4 lines in /etc/inittab to start 2 or 4 processes.
v1:2345:respawn:/home/silentm/bin/myfile -port 4000
v2:2345:respawn:/home/silentm/bin/myfile -port 5000

something like that...

So now I create a file /etc/init/myfile.conf and in it I put:

/home/silentm/bin/myfile -port 4000
/home/silentm/bin/myfile -port 5000

Only the first process is created. I think I have to do something with 
"instance 2"
but I wasnt getting results with that either.

What am I missing in the myfile.conf to get the two processes running ?



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