[CentOS] (OT): Horde initial SQL setup

Bill Campbell centos at celestial.com
Wed Jan 25 18:53:57 UTC 2012

I haven't been able to find anything useful on the horde sites,
and I haven't found anything useful with 'yum search'.

I am trying to set up horde webmail using the PEAR install on a new
CentOS 5 system intending to migrate existing horde-3.x sites to horde-4.x.

The PEAR installation procedure asked for the database type, db name, and
password.  I had not created the mysql database before running the
installation thinking that this would be done as part of the installation
(silly me :-).  I know little or nothing about the internals of PEAR as I
generally avoid PHP if at all possible so I don't know what's necessary to
nuke the entire installation and start from scratch other than to restore
the VMware VM from the snapshot I made before starting this project.

In the past I have done this manually from the various tarballs available
from horde.org, and these had the appropriate SQL scripts to initialize
mysql and postgresql back ends.  The PEAR installation doesn't seem to have
these, nor do the sources obtained with 'git'.  They do have upgrade
scripts to update from various earlier version of horde which could work
for existing installations, but would require more work with new installs.

I tried finding appropriate SRPMs so I could look at their SPEC files to
see how others have done this, but haven't been able to find ones for

The options seem to be:

   + Get SQL scripts to create the necessary databases.

   + Find the appropriate SPRMs for the horde components to see how they
     take care of this in their %post installation processing.

   + Uninstall the existing stuff using pear, and start from scratch after
     first creating the appropriate database.

   + Give up and continue to use the older versions of horde components
     which do work.

Suggestions, pointers to documentation, ???

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