[CentOS] A Hardware Observation (and Thank You To John Pierce)

Lorenzo Martínez Rodríguez lorenzo at lorenzomartinez.es
Mon Jan 30 07:38:51 UTC 2012

If you have changed all the devices at once (switch and network cards) 
you are not able to know if the improvement has caused by the switch or 
by the NICs.

Anyway, congrats for your new network :D

El 30/01/12 04:01, Jason T. Slack-Moehrle escribió:
> A few days ago, John Pierce made a comment about Intel network cards and that they are more reliable and a better overall card than most. (This is not exactly what he said, but rather I am paraphrasing) My small cluster of servers all had generic PCI nics in them (I was not using any onboard NICS).
> Today, I replaced the NICS with Intel Pro 1000 PCI-E NICS and replaces our small 5 port TP-Link GB switch with a nice 8 port Cisco GB switch and what a world of difference. The network is zippier for sure. Copying large files between machines using 'scp' is faster, our websites come up better (testing from my wife's work) too.
> I know some have joked about the PB conversation in terms of not realizing the amount of electricity and space it will take, but I really do read and pay attention and try not to ask totally stupid questions.
> John Pierce, thank you!
> -Jason
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