[CentOS] libz.so.1 => not found

Dvorkin, Asya dvorkias at umdnj.edu
Tue Jan 31 13:20:19 UTC 2012

>> The problem is that the file itself is missing as well, so no way for me to recreate the link.  Actually, libz.1.so.1.2.3 doesn't exist either.
>> I could try copying the file from another CentOS server, but wanted to hear everyone's opinion on that…
> I'd say try that and as soon as you get yum/rpm working do a "yum reinstall 
> zlib" to get the files properly in place again.

Thank you!  I've copied the file using USB drive and now the server is up and running.  I also did yum reinstall zlib.

Now when I do yum update, it says: No Packages marked for Update

If that's the case, how come /etc/redhat-release still shows CentOS release 5.5 (Final) ?


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