[CentOS] after last update google-chrome no runs anymore

Tue Jul 3 23:17:03 UTC 2012
Leonard den Ottolander <leonard at den.ottolander.nl>

Hello Gary,

Not sure if this is related, but it is the only thing sticking out:

On Wed, 2012-07-04 at 01:24 +0300, Gary Trotcko wrote:
> 	libbz2.so.1.0 => not found

bzip2-libs only provides libbz2.so.1 and libbz2.so.1.0.4, not
libbz2.sos.1.0. bzip2-devel doesn't provide it either, nor does any
other package.

If you haven't installed bzip2-libs install it. If you still see that
"libbz2 not found" try (assuming you're on i386):
# cd /lib
# ln -s libbz2.so.1.0.4 libbz2.so.1.0

and see if that makes a difference.

Since CentOS uses an unaltered SRPM for bzip2 you can be pretty sure Red
Hat does not provide that link either. Which means that dependency is a
"chromism", i.e. a bug in Chrome, possibly due to a build system with a
modified bzip2.

You could also try booting a stock kernel, not a centosplus one.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research