[CentOS] libre office

Wed Jul 11 04:25:05 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 07/10/12 8:22 PM, Joseph Spenner wrote:
> Not sure.  Probably same reason SciFi changed to SyFy; bored marketing people trying to 'add value'.

LibreOffice was created when Oracle bought Sun, a bunch of the core 
developers quit and started their own project, as Oracle has a nasty 
history of twisting open source projects to suit their own needs.  
Oracle was invited to join the LibreOffice foundation, whereupon it 
would have become OpenOffice again, but instead, Oracle told all 
OpenOffice board members that they could not be involved with both 
projects.  Shortly thereafter, Oracle laid off all the people worknig on 
OpenOffice, and 'gave' the project to Apache, where its stagnating.

Meanwhile, Google, Red Hat, SuSE, the FSF, and others have contributed 
one paid employee each to the LibreOffice project, which started with a 
fork of OpenOffice 3.3 beta, and is currently up to 3.5

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