[CentOS] Trying to find all the kernel modules needed for my machine using shell script

Fri Jul 13 14:37:30 UTC 2012
Aft nix <aftnix at gmail.com>

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 7:48 PM,  <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:
> #1: archlinux? Are you working in CentOS or arch linux?

I'm using CentOS. But the problem was "make localmodconfig" is not
working. I don't see how a question related to "building kernel.org
kernel" relates to distribution, just because the problem was
discussed in a distribution's forum. Same kind of discussion can be
found(about faulty behaviour of "make localmodconfig") in
debian/ubuntu forums if use try google.

>> There was also a proposed solution which apparently worked for others
>> , is to run the script directly instead of using make's target.
> #2: That's because people don't understand make at all. Go read the
> O'Reilly book on Make: <http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596006105.do>.
> Grok it.

Not understanding how this relates to ignorance of "make". may be you
are pointing about the environment variables and stuffs.

>> Although for me, make localmodconfig does not work at all. its because
>> of the following :
>>     $make clean
> #3: you complain about how long it takes to build, yet you're doing a make
> clean *first*. See #2. Then *DO* *NOT* use make clean unless it's
> absolutely necessary.

I'm trying to tune up my kernel build. so i need to see which way it
performs the best. During development i dont "clean". I dont even make
the whole tree. i just build the part of the tree i'm developing.

>>     $make mrproper
>>     $cp /boo/config-'uname -r' .config
> #4: Have you looked at the contents of .config to verify they're what you
> expect?

Yep, i have run make menuconfig to see what's enabled. But you there
is thousands of options, its not practical to go through all of them.
I just see common options. Like if the driver for my ethernet card is
enabled "only". stuffs like that.

>>     $make localmodconfig
> #5: How is .config used in the makefile?

Its used by default.

>> and it haults with
>>     vboxguest config not found!!
>>     nf_defrag_ipv6 config not found!!
>>     vboxsf config not found!!
>>     vboxvideo config not found!!
>> The thing is my kernel development environment is inside virtualbox.
>> These vbox modules were installed when i chose to install "virtualbox
>> guest addtion".
> #6: Did you install the dev modules *in* the virtualbox, as opposed to the
> host?


> <snip>
>> Now the workaround this obviously unloading these module and trying
>> again. But I'm thinking if there is patch for the
>> "streamline_config.pl" which will enable the user to exclude certain
>> modules if s/he wants. Problem is i have "zero" knowledge about perl
>> and i like it that way.
> #7: You're building kernel mods, and don't want to know about perl?

I managed to make it through without "perl" till now.

>> So my problems in "nutshell"
>> 1) Patching streamline_config.pl so i can give a list of module name
>> as argument which it will exclude from processing the config file.
> #8: Perhaps if you looked at the perl script, or ran it with -? or -h or
> --help, it might *tell* you?

Honestly i've never checked it. i've just checked. nothing comes up
with --help, -h -?. All are unknown options.

> <snip due to your followup email>
>> Additional info:
> <snip>
>> 3) Is there any way i can get the "Centos specific" patches in "plain
>> patch" format? That means i dont wanna do things in src-rpm way.
>> If the patches are available in normal patch format i can keep
>> everything tidy in my kernel git tree.
> #9: yum update [package], perhaps?

trying not involve *rpm*. I like my git tree :) .

> #10: And under annoyances, turn on your damn spellchecking. "Stuffs",
> "hault"....

English is not my native language. When i type quickly sometimes,
correcting all the spelling mistake seems like a burden. Sorry for the
annoyance in caused.

>          mark "and maybe your makefile needs a VPATH corrected"

Thanks for your insight.

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