[CentOS] Trying to find all the kernel modules needed for my machine using shell script

Fri Jul 13 18:17:43 UTC 2012
Patrick Lists <centos-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl>

On 13-07-12 19:48, Aft nix wrote:
> I know how yum works. i'm a long time centos user. I'm talking about
> the "centos specific patches" for the kernel.

Afaik they are not CentOS specific patches. They are Red Hat patches 
(unless CentOS add additional patches).

> if i roll
> these patches over vanilla kernel, it will become the kernel source
> where kernel rpms are built. Now centos distributes its kernel sources
> through src-rpms(srpms). Which is "already patched" kernel source.
> What i want is just the patches. so i that i can roll it over vanilla
> kernel
> and get identical source as those distributed through srpms.

Afaik you can't get the individual patches since that is not how Red Hat 
distributes their kernel src rpm which CentOS rebuilds. So you could ask 
Red Hat for the individual patches. Good luck with that. They started 
distributing pre-patched kernel sources to make competitors live (not 
necessarily CentOS) a bit more difficult. There's a long discussion 
about this on the Intertubes. Don't have the link anymore so Google is 
your friend.

If all else fails, you could do a diff between the vanilla kernel and 
the one distributed by Red Hat.