[CentOS] Can't get Grub work on clone of machine

Mon Jul 16 14:21:10 UTC 2012
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Yves Bellefeuille wrote:
> On Monday 16 July 2012, Gregory Machin <gdm at linuxpro.co.za> wrote:
>> # chroot /mnt/sysimage
>> # grub-install /dev/sda
>> /dev/sda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.
> Try this:
> mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sysimage/boot
> mount -t none /dev /mnt/sysimage/dev -o bind
> chroot /mnt/sysimage/boot
> mount /proc
> mount /sys

What *is* mounted as /? If you've booted off, say, a USB key, or CD, that
might be seen as sda, and the real h/d is sdb.