[CentOS] 6.3: service not starting?

Tue Jul 17 18:19:45 UTC 2012
Patrick Lists <centos-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl>

On 17-07-12 19:38, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> Before I roll it out to users for their workstations, I updated my own
> system to 6.3, just did an update a few minutes ago, then rebooted. Came
> up... but when I went to use my PIV card for credentials to certain other
> machines, it didn't read the card. I found that pcscd was not running -
> when I did a service restart, it said "failed" on shutdown, then ok on
> startup. chkconfig --list tells me it's supposed to be on.
> Now, I'm pretty sure I saw this behavior with motion on a server I did a
> week or so ago, also: same thing, chkconfig says it should be on, but it
> was never turned up. This is a reboot after update, not a new install, and
> selinux is permissive in both cases.
> Has anyone else seen this, with optional services?

There was also an issue with PostgreSQL not starting after installing 
the latest updates. The culprit seems to be the sudo update:


So try this first:

# restorecon /etc/nsswitch.conf

Then try to start the pcscd service again to see if that fixes it.