[CentOS] Speedtest.mini on a local website?

Tue Jul 17 21:25:54 UTC 2012
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Ross Cavanagh wrote:

>> If I click on my home page www.gaylord.com/SpeedTest.php [website
>> modified]
>> I just get a black page.
>> > Results: 93Mbit/s down, 80Mbit/s up... on a local 100Mbit client.
>> Maybe I have misunderstood the purpose of this program?
>> I'm not clear what you are measuring.
>> Are you running a web-server on this computer?
>> What command exactly would be given on a remote browser?

> Just a quick thing, which you may have already checked. But are the
> permissions OK?

Everything in /var/www/html is owned by apache.apache .
I've left the file permission (read and write)
as they appear in the source mini.zip .

But I'm still wondering if I understand the purpose of the program
If I browse to speedtest.net I'm told the upload and download speeds
of my machine.

I assumed that if I put speedtest.mini on a website
then someone who accesses SpeedTest on the web-site
will get the upload and download speeds of the machine hosting the website.
Is that correct?

I was puzzled why the man who said speedtest.mini worked for him
spoke (above) of a local 100Mb client.
This wouldn't make much sense with my (mis?)understanding of the program.

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