[CentOS] LibreOffice does not start

Thu Jul 19 06:24:53 UTC 2012
Frank Cox <theatre at melvilletheatre.com>

On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 23:07:24 -0400 (EDT)
me at tdiehl.org wrote:

> Just because I like to see what I am going to rm before I actually do it, I 
> tried this instead:
> (tigger pts3) $ ll ~/.config/libreoffice
> /bin/ls: cannot access /home/tdiehl/.config/libreoffice: No such file or
> directory (tigger pts3) $
> I even made sure I owned ~/.config. It is owned by me and perms are 755.
> Any other ideas?

Since ~/.config/libreoffice is where libreoffice stores your user configuration
files, I guess it didn't get that far before crashing.

I personally use the libreoffice rpms downloaded directly from
libreoffice.org.  Perhaps you could remove the Centos-native rpms and try
installing the libreoffice.org rpms and see what happens.  I've been using
their rpms since shortly after libreoffice got started, and it's been working
fine for me.

You will want to install all of the rpms in the RPMS directory in both the
install and helpfile tarballs, and the libreoffice-freedesktop-menus rpm in the
RPMS/desktop subdirectory.

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