[CentOS] Oracle tries to capture CentOS users

Sat Jul 21 02:27:04 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 07/20/2012 09:19 AM, Chris wrote:
> Hello CentOS Guys :-)
> Oracle has created a new Website to capture CentOS Users :o
> http://linux.oracle.com/switch/centos/

This will be my only comment to this thread.

The issue that Oracle highlighted, that existed in the first 3 quarters
of 2011, has been fixed.  CentOS now has 2 full time developers and I
have created a graph that shows the same information, in 2012 (EL6
Kernel release times) that Oracle depicted:


As you can see, in 2012 CentOS has delivered the Kernels 48% faster than
Oracle (25 days compared to 37 days).

CentOS also delivered the bugfix kernel for EL6 released yesterday 17
hours faster than Oracle.

The speedy updates are not just kernels ... if you check turn around
time for all packages in 2012, CentOS has been much faster than Oracle. 
Expect this to continue.

Also, expect the CR repo to be used for all future point releases ...
not just if we encounter problems.

While I will not be petty enough to post a Migration script from Oracle
Linux to CentOS (I can't believe they posted that ... REALLY?), I will
likely help anyone who asks me for help with that specific migration.

Johnny Hughes

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