[CentOS] su path hard coded?

Mon Jul 23 20:02:38 UTC 2012
Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org>

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 02:52:28PM -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org> wrote:
> > You've missed the point.  I want the ability to set the default path on
> > 'su -' to be /bin:/usr/bin and then let the users override if they wish.
> > I do not want the default path to be /usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin

> Yes, I guess I just wouldn't put things in /usr/local/bin if I didn't

Idiots in other teams breaking things :-(

> want them to be run, so i wouldn't have thought of that...
> Rebuilding from the src rpm sounds reasonable in that case.

That's never a reasonable solution for an enterprise distro; what happens
at the next "yum update"? :-)

If the answer is "it's hard coded; nothing you can do" then I guess
I'll have to live with it.  I'm hoping, though, that there's a better
solution :-)