[CentOS] su path hard coded?

Tue Jul 24 23:53:23 UTC 2012
Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org>

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 04:43:54PM -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 07/24/12 4:33 PM, Stephen Harris wrote:
> > I want the ability to "set the default path".  That's all.  Just so that

> set it in /etc/profile  then.  that gets run on su -l $someuser

Who says all my users run "/bin/sh" or "/bin/bash" as their shell?
Do I need to need to handle /etc/csh.login?  And what about non-standard

/etc/profile is a kludge; it's not a solution.  A kludge may be all I can
do.  But... *sigh*