[CentOS] su path hard coded?

Wed Jul 25 00:10:26 UTC 2012
Benjamin Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

On 07/24/2012 04:33 PM, Stephen Harris wrote:
> I want the ability to "set the default path".  That's all.  Just so that
> when I do "su - foobar" then the path defaults to /bin:/usr/bin.  If foobar
> wants to add /usr/local/bin then foobar decides.  If I decide I want the
> default path to be /myspecial/bin:/bin:/usr/bin (so that all my users get
> this, by default) then I can.
> Just "set the default path".  Nothing more, nothing less.

That isn't your problem. It's the solution you've come up with for your 

What is the *problem* that removing /usr/local/bin from the default path 
is supposed to fix? What actual impact does it have on you if you 
*don't* change it?

If it is just a matter of "you don't like it", perhaps you should leave 
it alone. Changing configurations from the defaults in a way that 
requires additional work to maintain on the long term for no clear 
payoff is just wasting time and asking for mysterious breakages in the 
future when people who expect the system to work the way the vendor 
normally configures it run into your customizations without warning.

But if it is actually causing a *problem*, present the problem itself. 
There may be other ways to address it you haven't thought of but others 
here may have used or can propose.

Benjamin Franz