[CentOS] problem with machine "freezing" for short periods

Thu Jul 26 12:24:36 UTC 2012
Vanhorn, Mike <michael.vanhorn at wright.edu>

On 7/25/12 12:04 PM, "Mogens Kjaer" <mk at lemo.dk> wrote:

>I've several HP dc7x00 machines, and I've never seen that problem
>with centos 5 or 6.

I do, too. Things are fine on our 7900s, and the 8000-series machines we
have. I'm only seeing it on these two 7800s.

>Do you also see the problem if you boot in runlevel 3, i.e. without X?

Yes. I was thinking it maybe had something to do with the graphics card,
so I left it in runlevel 3, but the problem still persisted. It still may
be the graphics card, though, come to think of it, so I may need to try
taking it out.

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