[CentOS] system-config-network-tui not part of base install... wtf

Thu Jul 26 14:58:11 UTC 2012
Giles Coochey <giles at coochey.net>

On 26/07/2012 15:50, Scott Robbins wrote:
> Unfortunately, according to folks who have more knowledge than I do 
> about these things, in later versions of Fedora, and therefore, 
> probably the next version or so of RH, just manually editing 
> sysconfig/network-scripts will overlook some necessary parts. 
> system-config-network-tui may wind up becoming necessary. Through RH 
> 5.x it was enough to manually edit the necessary files. However, in 
> later versions of Fedora, this may cause errors because there will be 
> some other scripts or files elsewhere, that system-config-network-tui 
> manipulates. Meanwhile, Fedora is trying to make NetworkManager the 
> default interface handler, (and there is apparently a command line 
> version.) I know I'm old and cranky, but to me, it just seems like 
> those meddlesome kids with their newfangled smartphones and touch 
> screens are taking over development, and that many of them just don't 
> care about the sysadmin portion of use. 
Interestingly, even when I use system-config-network-tui (at least on 
CentOS 6.2) I still had to manually edit the ONBOOT network parameter in 
/etc/sysconfig for my Ethernet to be enabled at startup.

Not sure if there is something in the menu system that would do that for 


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