[CentOS] CentOS 6.x - /proc/ide ?

Fri Jul 27 15:15:59 UTC 2012
Laurence Hurst <L.A.Hurst at lboro.ac.uk>

On 27/07/2012 15:58, TFML wrote:
> I was curious, why was /proc/ide removed and was it moved to another directory to obtain ide drivers information?

 From the upstream vendor's deployment guide[0]: "Later versions of the 
2.6 kernel have made the /proc/ide/ and /proc/pci/ directories obsolete. 
The /proc/ide/ file system is now superseded by files in sysfs; to 
retrieve information on PCI devices, use lspci instead. For more 
information on sysfs or lspci, refer to their respective man pages." 
Therefore you should be able to find the same information from /sys 
somewhere - where exactly is left as an exercise to the reader.