[CentOS] rsync question

Tue Jul 31 05:16:07 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 07/30/12 10:05 PM, Smithies, Russell wrote:
> I'm trying to rsync a 8TB data folder containing squillions of small files and it's taking forever (i.e. weeks) to get anywhere.
> I'm assuming the slow bit is check-summing everything with a single CPU (even though it's on a 12-core server ;-(  )
> Is it possible to do something simple like scp the whole dir in one go so they're duplicates in the first instance, then get rsync to just keep them in sync without an initial transfer?

use the rsync mode that goes off file timestamp and size.  the 
checksuming block algorithm is only useful on large files that get small 
random block changes.

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