[CentOS] Strange httpd problem

Wed Jul 11 07:22:29 UTC 2012
Eric Viseur <eric.viseur at gmail.com>


I'm currently setting up an IP accouting machine using CentOS 6 and pmacct,
compiled from source.  The machine has two network interfaces :
 - a "normal" one, used for SSH remote administration and viewing the
accouting data through a webserver (eth0)
  - a "monitor" one, plugged into a mirroring port of our switch and with
no IP address defined (eth1)

The accouting part works fine, but I'm getting problems with the webserver.
 To ensure there are no interference with the monitor interface, I set
iptables to drop all the outbound traffic on eth1 and httpd in bound to the
IP address of eth0, but I randomly become unable to contact the webserver;
my browser tells me it couldn't contact it.  The SSH access works fine and
the CPU and memory usage are OK (5% CPU and 10% memory, our network is
currently on low traffic).

Any clues why this is happening ?

Eric Viseur