[CentOS] 3TB usb drive won't mount

Tue Jul 17 08:05:47 UTC 2012
Matthijs Kooijman <matthijs at stdin.nl>

Stumbled upon this somewhat old post, but I'll offer a suggestion nonetheless.

> And this I just can't get my head around, why is /dev/sda1 not created?
> /dev/sda shows up as expected and the kernel even recognizes that there is
> a sda1 partition but the device entry isn't created.
Perhaps you don't have GPT support enabled in the kernel (CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION)
IIRC. In the dmesg output you posted, there's also no log entry showing the
detected partitions, leading me to suspect that the kernel doesn't know about
GPT partitions.

Hope this helps anyone,