[CentOS] using ip address on bonded channels in a cluster

Thu Jul 26 12:05:54 UTC 2012
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

I'm creating a firewall HA cluster. The proof of concept for the basic 
firewall cluster is OK. I can bring up the cluster, start the iptables 
firewall, and move all of this with no problem. I'm using Conga to do 
all of this configuration on Centos 6.3 servers.

To extend the "HA" part of this, I'd like to use bonded channels instead 
of plain old NICs. The firewall uses the "IP address" service for the 
outside firewall IP addresses. Each server behind the firewall is NATted 
to one of these external IPs on the firewall's external interface.

I'm not seeing how I can use bonded channels anywhere for these "IP 
address" services. Part of the problem is that Conga will "guess" at 
which interface to place the ip address service upon. In the case of 
bonded channels, I don't think Conga is even aware of the "bondx" 
interface, and Conga only uses interfaces like eth0, eth1, etc.

I realize that the sysconfig network scripts will come into play here as 
well, but that's another problem for me to tackle.

Does anyone have any experience with bonded channels and Conga? I could 
sure use some help with this.


steve campbell