[CentOS] Dual NVidia cards, dual monitors

Mon Jun 4 21:56:49 UTC 2012
b.j. mcclure <keepertoad at bellsouth.net>

> Steven Chall wrote:
> > I've just installed CentOS 6.2 on an HP xw8600 with two NVidia GeForce
> > 8800 GT video cards in it.  I have two Dell monitors than ran configured
> > as a single contiguous desktop when this was a Windows 7 machine.  I've
> > only been able to access one of the two monitors under CentOS, although
> > the system demonstrates some awareness of the second GPU/monitor, because
> > the second monitor shows the standard CentOS 6 image while the machine is
> > running.  In addition, when it's starting up or shutting down a large wait
> > cursor is displayed in that second monitor, and also shows the message
> > "shutting down..." when that's going on.  However, the Display applet in
> > the System | Preferences panel menu shows only the one monitor, and
> > hitting the Detect Monitors button doesn't help.  Just to test the
> > obvious, I switched the DVI cables coming out of the two video cards and
> > as you'd expect what shows in the two monitors is also switched.
> <snip>
> Either install the proprietary NVidia driver, d/l from their website, by
> hand, or install kmod-nvidia from elrepo, which will build it
> automagically. In either case, it will install an NVidia control panel in
> your menus, and you can select twinview.
>        mark, on a Dell Precision with that as he types


b.j. mcclure <keepertoad at bellsouth.net>