[CentOS] CentOS 5.8 Samba and Windows 7

Wed Jun 6 13:45:56 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 06/06/2012 08:33 AM, John Doe wrote:
> Hi,
> any one has successfully joined a Windows 7 workstation to a samba (3.0.33) domain on CentOS 5.8?
> I am wondering if I need to install a newer version (from sernet by example) or if I can keep the old one and try harder...

Indeed you do new a newer version of samba that 3.0.x to join a
Windows-7 (or Windows 2008 Server) PC to the domain.

You need at least version samba 3.2.12 or higher.  You also need two
registry entries on the machine.  See this link:


You do not HAVE to use the sernet/enterprisesamba.org though, there is a
samba3x included in CentOS-5.8 that works just fine too:

do this to see the packages:

yum list samba-3x\*

If you would like to try the smb2 protocol ... then you might try
getting samba 3.6.x from enterprisesamba.org for CentOS-5:


If you are not interested in smb2, then the samba3-3.5.x packages from
CentOS should be fine.

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