[CentOS] noexec tmp directory

Thu Jun 7 06:00:19 UTC 2012
Edo <ml2edwin at gmail.com>


On Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:

> Hello,
> I am fixing up a system for someone and they did not make a separate  
> partition for /tmp...but I want to make it noexec, nosuid.
> I came across a site that said I could skip all the mount/unmount and  
> new partition stuff (which would probably include downsizing a lvm to  
> make room for it)... by adding this in fstab
> /tmp /tmp bind nosuid,noexec,bind 0 0
> and then reboot...
> There is no /tmp in their fstab at the moment and I am afraid to test  
> this....
> Is this a correct workaround to mount that folder as noexec?
> OR was this site wrong?

That should work.

But maybe it’s better to create a test machine/VM and try it there.

Or, don’t edit your fstab (yet). Just do it live and see if it worked:

    # mount --bind /tmp /tmp
    # mount -o remount,nosuid,noexec /tmp

That way, you know it’ll be back to the old settings when you reboot.


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