[CentOS] Centos 6 / Kickstart Using degraded mdadm RAID1

Sun Jun 10 14:09:28 UTC 2012
Emmanuel Noobadmin <centos.admin at gmail.com>

On 6/10/12, Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org> wrote:
> Can you do what you want via the GUI installer?  Potentially by dropping
> into a shell to do parts of it (eg build the raid array degreaded,
> then use the GUI to install onto that).  If so, manually do an install
> and then look at /root/anaconda-ks.cfg to see what file that built out.
> It might provide the hints you need.

I did do that initially to check it was doable. Unfortunately the
anaconda-ks.cfg in that config gave very little clue what was done,
there are just 4 relevant lines which look like this
#raid / --fstype=ext4 --level=1 --device=md0 raid.253001 raid.253065

Nothing usual, and make sense since I created the md arrays and
ananconda simply used them without assembling them itself. The problem
is I can't figure how to kickstart to the point where the mds arrays
are created successfully.

The command works in shell but somehow in the kickstart process, the
created array disappears after ananconda does the "Examining storage
device" thing.