[CentOS] Centos 6 - Networking: Some Queries -- GURUS HELP PL

Tue Jun 12 07:02:27 UTC 2012
Sanjay Arora <sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com>

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Gordon Messmer <yinyang at eburg.com> wrote:

> No.  Multi-homing in this fashion is complex.  You will require advanced
> routing on all of the guests to accomplish it.
> Shorewall makes this easier, but you'll need to create multiple routing
> tables using 'ip route', mark packets based on their destination, and
> then select the appropriate routing table based on firewall marks.
> This is not a simple idea.
Since I am routing a complete class C network between two bridges,
I'll have to add a ip route add script in every guest & ltsp host in

Will try this out. But can live with this....as long as it provides
unfettered to & fro access to all hosts, virtual or ltsp. Thanks