[CentOS] Update on spam, postfix, fail2ban, centos 6

Sun Jun 17 02:47:16 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

On 6/15/2012 8:44 PM, Dave Stevens wrote:
> Quoting Bob Hoffman<bob at bobhoffman.com>:
>> I have been using centos 6 in a virtualized system for a few months now.
>> Took a while to batten down the hatches with postfix, rbls, and to use
>> fail2ban correctly.
> Thanks for this,Bob. I'm having trouble making fail2ban work in my
> Centos 5.8 box. Would you be willing to share your fail2ban setup?
> Jails.conf would be most welcome.
> Dave
I will try to post some notes tomorrow, but I think I posted a how to 
last month or so on this list.

1- you must use gamin as the setting or the log rotations will make 
fail2ban fail
2- you must add a sleep command in the config files in 
usr/share/fail2ban or using more than one jail can cause a failure of
1 or more jails when starting up..(too fast for netfilter version that 
comes with centos 6)

I do not have my notes with me now, but without those two things it will 
not work...period...at least not correctly.
If you search google you can find the sleep command...but there are like 
7 different ways people did it for different
linux distros and versions of fail2ban.

the jails are not so bad...

I will post what I figured out tomorrow after work..

It is a very trying program. It is a neat idea though.