[CentOS] Bug in Latest Adobe Flash Plugin

Wed Jun 20 10:39:31 UTC 2012
Rainer Traut <tr.ml at gmx.de>

Am 20.06.2012 12:07, schrieb Ned Slider:
> On 19/06/12 23:59, Keith Roberts wrote:

>> I finally found the answer here:
>> https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1080414
>> I have downgraded the flash-plugin now to version 10.3.183
>> from rpmforge repo. It works fine now :)
>> I've also added exclude=flash-plugin to the end
>> of /etc/yum.conf file, to make sure this does not get
>> upgraded again.
> That's a bad idea. Unpatched critical vulnerabilities in Flash (along
> with Java) is one of the most likely routes of infection of your machine
> and not updating it is asking for trouble.

In general yes, but afaik flash player 10.3 is still actively patched 
and supported by Adobe.