[CentOS] Hanging issue with sudo command

Thu Jun 21 12:56:40 UTC 2012
Kaplan, Andrew H. <AHKAPLAN at PARTNERS.ORG>

Hello --

Apparently the problem had to with the absence of the domain controller. The domain controller used by the system was offline for several hours.
Once it came back on-line, the lag that I described in my posting was no longer present.   

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On 19/06/12 00:29, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> Recently it was observed the user account took longer to complete its login from a terminal window and console. It is also now having
> problems when running the sudo command. Essentially when the user runs the command, the latter hangs, and the administrator is
> forced to log in as root, and kill the hung progress.
> What would cause this issue to occur, and how can it be corrected?
> Thanks.
Any recent changes to DNS settings on server?

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