[CentOS] How to upgrade from 5.8 to 6.2

Sat Jun 23 21:36:52 UTC 2012
Keith Roberts <keith at karsites.net>

On Sat, 23 Jun 2012, ken wrote:

>> I've been caught out before when installing Linux with
>> existing data on several partitions, and had my partitions
>> and data trashed. My work around is to only let the
>> installer use / tmp and swap. That way it cannot touch my
>> partitions with data on them.
> I've done at least a dozen, maybe three or four dozen installs, with
> (actual) redhat, suse, centos, and probably others too, but have never
> had that happen to me.  Linux has even recognized every Windows
> partition I've had and has left those alone to when I've asked it to.
> This might be because I always select "Custom Install" at the very
> beginning of the process.  IMS, if you select "New Install" (or words to
> that effect), you don't have the option to select partitions you want to
> leave untouched during the install.

Hi Ken.

IIRC that happened a some years ago with Ubuntu.
Ever since that happened I've been wary of the various 
different custom options available from different Linux 
distros. I just use the Gparted Live CD to do any partition 
work. I don't use LVM either yet, so that's not a problem 
for me now.

Kind Regards,



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