[CentOS] Python version fights.

Sun Jun 24 22:32:46 UTC 2012
Leonard den Ottolander <leonard at den.ottolander.nl>

Hello Gene,

On Sun, 2012-06-24 at 17:21 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> These are the packages it is 
> showing me that I _could_ install, and nearly every blessed one of them has 
> a dependency on python-2.4.  Why yumex is even showing me el5 files is a 
> puzzle I'm apparently not equipt to sort,

I'm not familiar with yumex, just using plain yum and rpm. Perhaps using
this non standard package manager is what is causing all your troubles.
Could it be yumex uses hard coded (or configurable) paths and you
installed a yumex for the wrong release? Where did you get that yumex
from? And why not use plain yum? You are fitting all sorts of things
onto a system that you are not familiar with, no wonder you meet a few
bumps ;-) .

> I see what someone meant when they said centos was a stripped mostly server 
> distro.

It's a rebuild from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is based on Fedora.
Since it's an enterprise distro it provides a limited range of packages
and they are rather dated to safeguard functional, ABI and API
compatibility for a period of 5 years.

You might want to give Fedora a try, it supports *way* more packages by
default, but I have to warn you that it used to come with the warning
that "it eats babies", in the sense that it's bleeding edge and might
have some rough edges.

> Trying to nail kde and a working audio system to it reminds me of 
> trying to nail jelly to a tree, everything you try to install winds up 
> splattered on the floor.

I suppose that's just fallout from the issue you are having, things like
this should work out of the box assuming your hardware is not too exotic
or too new. But you have to be careful about which 3rd party repos you
enable, which is probably true for any distro that supports those.

> With the 
> same config files installed here on centos6, nfs is dead, no hits, no runs 
> & no errors logged.

CentOS/RHEL make you start services explicitly instead of enabling
anything by default. Are both portmap and nfs running?

> Thanks for the reply Leonard, but I don't think centos and I will be able 
> to be friends when yum is so easily confused.

yum != yumex . I'm quite sure one can screw up Ubuntu too, but if you're
more comfortable with Ubuntu then by any means use it.

>   With synaptic, I might give 
> it another week just in case I could sort this out.  Synaptic for instance, 
> when it encounters a dependency, looks it up and says 'you need these 
> packages to resolve dependencies', shows you a list and asks if its ok to 
> add them to the install list.

If your repos are set up correctly yum should behave in a similar way.
This is why yum was added on top of rpm. The reason yum bails out is
because it cannot find those dependencies in any of the repos as they
have incorrect versions. What is the cause of that is not clear to me
but something is insisting on looking at el5 repos and it's definitely
*not* any of the packages that come with CentOS 6 by default.

If you are still interested in getting CentOS 6 running I suggest you do
a clean install and only start adding 3rd party repos once you have the
system up and running.


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