[CentOS] Universal server hardware platform - which to choose?

Tue Jun 26 19:58:04 UTC 2012
David Hrbáč <david-lists at hrbac.cz>

Dne 26.6.2012 15:40, Rafał Radecki napsal(a):
> Hi all.
> I am working for a hosting provider in Poland. We are currently
> searching for an universal, extensible hardware platform which we
> would like to use in our server infrastructure.
> The platform should have:
> - possibility to install up to 32GB of RAM and at least 4 slots for it;
> - at least 6 SATA ports;
> - the possibility to use SAS disks;
> - at least one 1Gb/s network interface and the possibility to add another one;
> - size of 2 or 3U;
> - hot swap for disks.
> We are looking for a solution in which we would be able to deploy a
> basic server with for example 2 SATA disks, 8GB of RAM, 1 NIC, 4 cors
> and to be able to use the same enclosure and motherboard and extend it
> to deploy a more heavy-duty server with for example 6 SATA disks, 24GB
> of RAM, 2 NICs, 8 cors.
> Which manufacturer can you recommend and why? We are looking for
> something rather not expensive but reliable which has a good support.
> All servers will be based on CentOS5/6 :)

Cisco UCS? :o) Kidding, too pricey for these requirements. Your
requirements are quite low and almost every desktop motherboard is ok
nowadays.  If your infra is built with failure in mind, you can go
Google way. No special HW, just HA sw solution.
David Hrbáč