[CentOS] CentOS 6.2: suspending vim with ctrl-z and resuming with fg - stopped working

Phoenix, Merka

merka.phoenix at hp.com
Fri Jun 8 21:12:30 UTC 2012

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> does anybody have an idea,
> why can't I suspend vim-enhanced-7.2.411-1.6.el6.x86_64
> with a CTRL-Z, then execute few commands at my bash prompt
> and then get back to the vim session again with "fg"?

If you just need to jump out to the bash shell and execute a few commands,
why not use the 'shell' command that is part of Vi/Vim?

Press the ':' key to get to the Vi ':' prompt, then type 'shell' and press return.
This spawns a subshell, running your shell CLI, where you can execute the commands you wanted to run.

To return to the Vi/Vim parent process, just type 'exit' at the shell's command prompt to close the session and return to Vi/Vim session.

Works across most Linux and UNIX platforms, with both 'vi' and 'vim'



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