[CentOS] Bug in Latest Adobe Flash Plugin

Keith Roberts

keith at karsites.net
Tue Jun 19 22:59:45 UTC 2012

I'm running Centos 5.7 32 bit with Firefox 10.0.5 ESR

Not sure if this has been mentioned on the list yet, but the 
latest version of Adobe flash-plugin 11.2.202 has a bug 
which causes it to hang and not play SWF files.

I've been pulling my hair out trying to identify why I could 
not get any SWF videos to play.

I finally found the answer here:

I have downgraded the flash-plugin now to version 10.3.183
from rpmforge repo. It works fine now :)

I've also added exclude=flash-plugin to the end 
of /etc/yum.conf file, to make sure this does not get 
upgraded again.

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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