[CentOS] SNDS: root@ emails problem

Gustavo Lacoste

gustavo at lacosox.org
Tue Jun 26 14:40:00 UTC 2012

HI guys, I have a question related to outing  root@ emails  from my server.
 I have a centos server with sendmail and I have installed fail2ban and
iptables firewall recently.

The problem is: SNDS by hotmail (microsoft) has listed my server on RED
color claiming  sending SPAM from my server, but I completely secure but I
am quite sure you have blocked sending emails from the root account 'on the
server,  I tried it. I really not understand what the problem is, does
anyone know who might be happening? How I can finally stop sending emails
from my server root @?

Thanks in advance.

With Kind Regards,

     Gustavo A. Lacoste Z.
     Curacautín - Chile
     Skype: knxroot
     Msn & Gtalk: knx.root [at] gmail.com
     Home page: http://www.lacosox.org
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