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Wed Jun 6 16:11:30 UTC 2012

On 06/06/2012 11:11 AM, Joe Tseng wrote:
> I recently set up a CentOS 6.2 hypervisor and created a Win2k8 virtual machine.  In order to save space and time backing up the VM, I want to minimize the amt of unused disk space in the VM.
> Does KVM have the built-in ability to view the amt of free space left in a VM?  Or is this feature I have to create myself to have the hypervisor and VM aware of each other?
>   - Joe

Caveat; I am not an expert in any way on KVM, just a user.

My guess is no, it's not possible. The hypervisor would need to cross 
into the guest OS, which could be a significant security concern. 
Further, the host would need some manner of understanding the guest's 
filesystem in order to determine how much disk space is used.

If you need to get details from within guests, I suspect you will need 
some form of reporting tool running in the guest and sending data to a 
listener of some sort on the host(s).

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